The procedure and all necessary forms are set out and available at the Texas Real Estate Commission website:

  1. When you have finished all of your required courses for licensure, get a transcript from the school you completed them at.
  2. If you have any previous college, get a copy of that transcript.
  3. Fill out the TREC Form “Evaluation of Education Documents” and attach copies of your transcripts. Send the Form, the appropriate fee, and your transcripts to TREC.
  4. TREC will reply that you have completed your educations requirements (if you have) and will give you the information for getting your fingerprints.
  5. Get Fingerprints
  6. Complete the “Inactive Real Estate Salesperson License” form and send it to TREC – This can be done online. If you have a sponsor, the “Salesperson Sponsorship Form” may also be sent in at this time.  If you do not have a sponsor you may still take the test and you will be issued an inactive license until you have a sponsor, at which time your license will be activated.
  7. TREC will advise you that you may now take the state test, will send you some materials, and refer you to PSI Examination Services to take the test.
  8. You may get information about the test at any time from PSI Examinations Services at their website:
  9. Call PSI and make an appointment for your test.
  10. Take the test and pass it.
  11. Go to work – Best wishes for your future career! When you join with NRG we will reimburse you (up to $400) after your fourth closing in your first year with NRG!!