This is a short summary of the questions you should ask and the answers you should look for

  1. How many units did you sell last year? This may seem like a loaded, question but it is important to ask. I have seen Agents say they sold a Million Dollars ... and they did! With one house. Do you want a million dollar agent that sells one home a year or the Agent that sales multiple homes a year? Personally, the Agent that has sold many has a better grasp on how each sell is different and will help navigate the process better.
  2. How many units have you sold so far this year? (growing is good) - Did they have a stellar year last year but this year has not followed through and sales are lagging? A great Agent is always growing year after year.
  3. Are you a solo agent or do you have a team? (team is preferable) - Why is a team better than a solo Agent? A team will have many agents that have a central goal ... get your home sold! As fast as possible with the best profit. Nothing wrong with a solo Agent but their resources may be limited.
  4. How much is your commission? (don't get a discount agent) - When selling your largest asset you want the right Agent there to help maximize your profits. Someone that charges a little less is not necessarily a discount agent but you want to make certain the discount is for a reason. For example, we have a 1% rate ... that 1% is if you find a buyer for your home. We will do the paperwork and make certain you are not taken advantage of and help negotiate the contract (contact us for more details).
  5. Relative to the current local averages, how much do you sell houses for and in how many days? (over local averages for the price and under for days is better) - Many Agents will tell you that homes will go on contract in four days ... and this may be true in some cases. However, each home, area, and price point are different and each will have their own unique days on the market. We have had homes go on contract in three days and others take a month. With that said, the shorter the time and the higher the average, the better the agent.
  6. The names and contact info of at least 3 references whose home sale is similar to mine. (call these people)
  7. How much would you sell my house for? Many times I hear Agents ask the seller how much they think their house should be sold for. They do this because they are not certain of the price they should list your home at and are wanting validation. This is the WRONG way! You as the seller should ask the Agent ... "How much do you feel you could sell my house for?" A great Agent should have completed a thorough analysis of what homes are selling for in your area. You are hiring them for their expertise!